Survival Online Go

Survival Online Go

Survival Online Go

Gameline Adventure

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Survival Craft Online Android Gameplay (HD)

Survival Craft Online (iOS/Android) Gameplay HD

Let's Play Survival Craft Online Android

Survival Online GO is a very unique game where all the action takes place on a distant, green and juicy land! The thing is that this time you are not alone here! Bring your friends and go on adventures together! Explore the island, hunt wild animals, gather food and mine resources! Craft weapons and armor and build safe shelters with your friends! Or you can invade somebody else's island and start a real fast paced war! Fight against millions of players all around the world in real time and real 3D!

In this version of the game you’ll get some additional features like:
1) Completely unlocked inventory;
2) Rank 5 on the Arena;
3) No ads at all!
4) Bonus resources pack of 100 wood, stone and metal!

Survival Online GO game features:
Online island adventures
Two great islands to explore
Craft, hunt, build and fight!
Bring your friends and play together!
New updates will be released regularly!

Start playing Survival Online GO right away! Enjoy the greatest and the most hilarious adventures you have ever seen! Explore these lands with your friends or become the king of the battlefield! Good luck!

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-Two new animals have been added to the game
-Some UI bugs fixed
-A shop system has vastly improved